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    Language:CHINESE | ENGLISH


    Address: 13 building, 65 foreign trade building, Jianxin North Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China.

    Telephone:+86-023-67698236 Fax:+86-023-67698008 E-mail:bgs@cqmmc.com

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    Light Industry Project



    In the field of international engineering contracting, CMMC has strong capability of being international engineering contractor and equipment supplier. It has made great achievements in chemical industry, electricity, building materials and light industry. After implementing over 30 international engineering projects contracting and complete of equipment exporting, it enjoys widely good fame among overseas and domestic clients and forms itself competitive capability. 

    Myanmar Sheet Glass Plant Technological Transformation Project


    Vietnam Paper Plant

    Vietnam?Paper Plant was completed in 2005.

    Myanmar Edible Oil Plant


    Indonesia Glassare Production Line

    Indonesia Glassare Production Line was completed in 2006.

    Egypt Glass bottle Production Line

    Egypt Glass bottle Production Line was completed in 2009.

    Bahrain Fiber glass Production Line

    Bahrain Fiber glass Production Line was completed in 2017

    Sugar Plant

    Sugar Plant
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